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Welcome to the $KAT NFT Meme Store.

Download & keep memes for use on social media or just save em for fun. 

Wanna own the NFT image you see? Great! Just download it here and 50% of the funds will submitted to the marketing wallet.

Creators, make a profile here and earn money by making memes for us. NOTE: All payments will be made to creators in $KAT token. Sophistication and class all the way. Doing Crypto right. 
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Welcome to Meow $KAT coin!

We're not just another cryptocurrency; we're looking to disrupt the space and start a memecoin movement. Our mission is simple yet profound: We're bringing back trust, fun and transparency to Crypto.

Founded by passionate visionaries and experts, $KAT combines innovation with integrity on the best network, Solana. We believe the future of memecoins should be fun, engaging and above all else, profitable to you. This commitment shapes everything we do, from our cutting-edge memes to our user-friendly platform and utility concept.

Join us in building a community where transparency is paramount and every meme we design and create is unique, funny and helping build our coin even further to new ATH after ATH. Whether you're a seasoned investor or new to digital assets, you'll find a welcoming and sophisticated environment here.

Thank you for checking out $KAT. Together, let's create a trustworthy future for memecoins.


Welcome aboard!

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